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...we have made it our mission to help organisations reinvent themselves and move forward with a new (nua) digital way of thinking and working...

"You can't fix problems with the same thinking that created them"

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Rapid Application Development

Digital Envisioning

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Nualis - Build Measure Learn
Nualis - Process Mining

Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement

What is your digital ambition?

Is your organisation continuously evolving using digital capabilities or are you too busy to improve?

We know the feeling and we would love to help. All of this starts by asking yourself one powerful question:

...WHAT IF...?

We start our journey together by identifying your specific digital opportunities that can be leveraged to further enable your business. Chances are that you will envision new products and services, increase effectiveness through automation of processes, develop new business models and organisational capabilities as well as an immersive digital experience for your customers, business partners and other key stakeholders. 

We translate the results derived from the workshops to a digital strategy, operating model, supporting architecture and  a roadmap.

Nualis - Agile Development


We see that organisations struggle to execute on their digital transformation while disruption is around the corner. Some businesses are overwhelmed with keeping the lights on in their daily routine and do not have the time to innovate. Others have data scattered and stuck in legacy systems and processes that do not flow, because teams and organisations are often buried in e-mails, documents and spreadsheets. At Nualis, we provide a pragmatic approach to:

  • design digital first experiences and processes
  • build a scalable digital operating model which leverages technology to automate processes and support the business
  • collect the right metrics to continuously improve your business.

We use rapid application development tooling, process mining and DevSecOps principles to appify business processes and deliver rapid business value in iterative build-measure-learn cycles. This enables you to:

  • turn ideas into new products, services and delivery pipelines.
  • deliver value and quality in a continuous manner aligned with the rhythm of the business.
  • validate your assumptions and learn faster about your customers and stakeholders.
  • develop a lean innovation capability through co-creation by building a bridge between Business and IT.
  • build a foundation for execution of your strategy to provide the best experience and services to your customers and business partners.

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